Bentley Kids Balance Bike

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Bentley Kids Balance Bike

Designed in partnership with Bentley Motors, these Balance bikes embody the same meticulous attention to detail and captivating style that the luxury automaker is known for. The Magnesium frame draws inspiration from the sleek lines of Bentley vehicles, while the engraved Bentley logo, eco-leather seats, and carbon pattern front spokes imbue the luxurious heritage. 

The Bentley Balance Bike is perfect for children as young as 18 months. These pedal-less bikes do much more than just help teach your children to balance. They also provide years of fun as they gain confidence and ride and glide safely into more uneven terrain. Unlike most balance bikes, the Bentley Balance Bike comes with a unique safety locking brake system. These dependable brakes give your child greater stopping power and a junior brake lever for those future motocross riders.


Exceptional Materials and Design
The magnesium alloy frame is developed to be exceptionally strong yet lightweight. It can effectively support up to 35 kg of weight at only 650 g itself. This innovative design makes the Bentley balance bike easily portable yet robust. 

Safety Disk Brake System
Brake discs have been incorporated into the overall design to ensure the safety and comfort of your budding/little cyclist, so they can ride with added confidence and leave you with peace of mind.

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