Berg Buzzy Police Go Kart - Black/Blue

Berg Buzzy Police Go Kart 

At Berg, we want to inspire children to play outdoors. With a Berg go-kart, you're guaranteed many years of play, safely over miles and miles. At Berg, we have a huge range of go-karts for young and old, big and small. These vary from a foot-to-floor car with pedals (10 months and older) to electric go-karts (6 years and older). Berg go-karts are available in various colours for boys and girls. We have the ideal go-kart for you! The Buzzy line is suitable for children aged from 2 to 5 years. The Buzzy Beatz and Buzzy Police are equipped with an awesome soundbox!

Strengths of BERG go-karts
More than 35 years of experience developing go-karts

Use of child-friendly and high-quality materials
Conforms with the strictest safety requirements

Stable due to 4 wheels
The Berg Buzzy stands firmly on the ground due to its 4 wheels. Compared to three-wheelers, the Buzzy has excellent stability. Going sharply or fast around a corner on a three-wheeler causes the bike along with passenger to tip over and fall more easily. As the go-kart has 4 wheels, the tipping point is much further out and further from the centre of gravity This makes falling from the go-kart practically impossible, so you can cover miles safely. Controlled steering and pedalling

This go-kart can ride forwards and backwards. The seat is also adjustable to three settings. Unlike a three-wheeler, the pedals and steering wheel are operated separately. So the pedals don't move when steering, and the feet stay neatly on the pedals at all times. Riding and steering have no influence on each other, which enormously enhances the play pleasure.

EVA tires
EVA tyres are made of high-tech foam. For the Buzzy go-kart, this is the ideal replacement for traditional rubber inner and outer tubes. Due to the right composition, EVA tyres are just as wear-resistant as traditional rubber tyres, but they can never leak air.

Complete your Buzzy with Berg accessories. Stand out more in traffic with a safety flag. Carry your stuff in the yellow basket. These are suitable for the Buzzy Nitro and Bloom go-karts. Playing outdoors is even more fun with a trailer and, with the included wheel stickers, your trailer will match your Buzzy perfectly.


Recommended age: 2-5 years

Min. user height: 85 cm
Max. user height: 115 cm
Max. user weight: 30 kg
Parental control required: Yes
Safety mark: TÜV + CE
Assembly time: ±30 min

Physical characteristics
Length: 83 cm

Width: 49 cm
Height: 50 cm

Frame: 2 years

Parts: 2 years
Tyres: 0 year

Technical properties
Gear: No

Tyre type: Solid
Frame material: Steel
Front and rear: Yes
Braking system Direct Drive
Parking brake: No
Transmission: Direct Drive
Ball bearings: Yes
Swing axle: Yes
Adjustable seat: Yes
Adjustable steering wheel: No
Trailer coupling: No

Dimensions: 46x50x25 cm

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