Cybex ePriam 2 Stroller Jeremy Scott Wings - Black

Cybex ePriam 2 Stroller Jeremy Scott Wings

The revolutionary New Generation e-Priam e-stroller just got wings, with a heavenly design from fashion icon Jeremy Scott.

Product Details

Jeremy Scott is the last rebel of the international fashion world. His creations have the power to polarize and have become the hottest topics among the style elite. In his second collaboration with CYBEX named “Wings”, Scott once again flexes his revolutionary muscle, shifting paradigms by bringing heaven down to earth.


Smart Hill Support
Uneven Surface Support
Rocking Mode
Unique design with golden Wings

The First e-Stroller by Cybex

Revolutionary smart technology meets luxurious design in the e-Priam—the first e-stroller by Cybex. Intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative, the New Generation e-Priam empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease and smartly adapts to rough terrains like sand, gravel, or cobblestones. Experience the magical sensation of a heavy load made lighter; of a rocky path made smooth; of an impossible climb made suddenly achievable. Activate the e-Priam’s rocking function, control the level of electric support, check the battery, and update the firmware- with the free Cybex App. The New Generation e-Priam from the Jeremy Scott collection “Wings” is smart black with a unique gold frame, all-terrain wheels with shiny gold spokes, and, of course, the signature gold wings on the Lux Carry Cot and Lux Seat.


One-pull harness
3-in-1 Travel System
Reversible seat unit
Seamless Tech Integration
One-hand recline and fold
Empowering parents


Smart Hill Support
Smart Hill Support gives parents the freedom to climb hills effortlessly.

Uneven Surface Support
Uneven Surface Support makes it a breeze to stroll off-road and tackle rough terrain.

Rocking Mode
This world-first feature moves the e-stroller back and forth automatically, calming the baby down and soothing them gently to sleep.

One-pull harness
The one-pull harness helps you secure your child in the stroller in seconds, with just one hand. Fitting is easy and more comfortable for your growing child.

3-in-1 Travel System
The e-Priam pairs with a Lux Carry Cot, an infant car seat,  or a seat unit, so your child can travel in comfort throughout their early years.

Reversible seat unit
Whether you choose forward-facing or parent-facing, the e-Priam’s seat can be easily adjusted to the desired position in just a few simple steps.

Seamless Tech Integration
The rear axle is where the magic happens. Discretely located behind the wheels, the two electric motors are so quiet that your child will sleep undisturbed. Battery, power indicator, and power switch blend in perfectly with the e-Priam’s timeless design.

One-hand recline and fold
One hand is all you need to recline the e-Priam seat to a near-flat position, or to fold the stroller for easy storage on the go – keeping your other hand free to hold onto your little one.

Technical Specifications:

Age: From birth to approx. 4 years
Weight: Max. child weight 55 lbs. (front-facing or parent-facing)

Open Dimensions:
Length: 33 - 36.8 in
Width: 23.6 in
Height: 39.3 - 42.9 in
Weight: 33.5 in

Fold Dimensions:
Length: 12.2 in
Width: 20.4 in
Height: 34.6 in
Weight: 33.5 in

Products to combine:

New Generation Jeremy Scott Priam Lux Carry Cot
Cloud Q
e-Priam Battery
Snack Tray

What is included:
New Generation ePriam Jeremy Scott Frame including Wheels
New Generation Seat Unit (Hard Parts & Soft Goods)
Shopping Basket
Bumper Bar
Rain Cover
Infant Car Seat Adapters
Sun Canopy
Battery & Charger (US)
Cup Holder
User Guide

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