Playmobil Knights Mobile Dwarf Fortress

Playmobil Knights Mobile Dwarf Fortress

To the beat of the drums, the giant roll pulls the dwarf fortress equipped with a ram batter, shot ballists and prison.

Can be combined with: 9342 Dwarf Flyer

Mobile fortress with battering ram.
The ballistas, which are attached to opening side flaps, can shoot.
Incl. dungeon with hinged lattice gate and a forge in the interior.
The upper platform can be removed for better access to the interior.
The dwarf can take off with a flying machine from the hinged platform in the upper part of the fortress.
The included leather roll can be equipped with different notes, such as a food order, note sheet, or treasure map, and can be held by the raven.
The anvil is a secret hiding place.
The arms of the troll are movable in all directions; the hands can be rotated.

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