Arckit A360 Architectural Scale Model Building Kit Kids Play

Arckit A360 Architectural Scale Model Building Kit Kids Play

A360 Architectural Scale Model Building Kit from Arckit

Immerse yourself in the ultimate Arckit ‘hands on’ experience with Arckit 360. Everything you need to design and build your own impressive model structures up to 360 sq.m (3,875 sq. ft). The A360 scale model home kit also comes with new Curve, Angle and Dormer components!

The A360 from Arckit is a professional-level ‘open ended' design tool with vast model building capabilities and where each component has multiple uses. The possibilities are truly endless!
This model building kit is perfect for Students, Hobbyists, Professional Architects or anyone who wants to release their inner Architect!

All Arckit model building kits are gender neutral, support STEM and STEAM learning and are Proudly made in Ireland!


 Arckit is a reusable, open-ended design tool with unlimited possibilities to spontaneously explore your ideas through model building.
Think of Arckit like an instrument, the more you become familiar with it, the more proficient you become.
Arckit lets you build ‘to-scale’, professional level architectural models with speed and precision.
The sample build on the box is just to get you started. If you can imagine it, you can build it!
All Arckit products and pieces can integrate with one another.
Arckit is an invaluable tool for learning and teaching STEAM skills.
Arckit is a perfect tool for individual use or for group collaboration at home, in school, in maker spaces and for team building. 
Arckit encourages ‘hands-on’ creativity and less time on your mobile device. 
Arckit empowers minds through Architecture...Unleash your inner Architect with Arckit!

The A360 scale model building kit for adults and teens comes with:

570+ components
40 unique components
Includes new Curve, Angle and Dormer components!
2x Component Trays to sort and arrange the pieces
15x Pre-Printed adhesive sheets to add realistic building finishes. Includes: Smooth concrete, Pool water, Kingspan denim blue panel, Timber decking, Dark brick, Black slate, Dry stone, white marble, Bleached timber, Red brick, Dark roof tile, Grass, Kingspan PV solar panel, Stained timber and Concrete wall panels
10x Blank adhesive sheets so you can personalize you model kit
Free access to Arckit's online texture library where you can get more external finishes
This model is to scale 1:50/1:48 metric or 1/4 imperial
High-quality reusable box to store the pieces
An instruction manual and starter guide
More step-by step builds available online
Package Dimensions: (35cm x 29cm x 10cm)
Add-on components available from
Recommended for Ages 14+
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