Arckit Stadium Scale Model Building Kit, Volume 2 Kids Play

Arckit Stadium Scale Model Building Kit, Volume 2 Kids Play

Stadium Scale Model building kit, Volume 2, from Arckit

Arckit Sports vol. 2 introduces the fascinating world of architecture and multi-stadium design to fans of arena sports including Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics, Boxing.

With this amazing ‘open ended’ model building kit you can design your own” Theatre of Dreams”. This ‘hands-on’ 3D Stadium model kit is a new highly interactive and engaging way for you to explore your very own ideas in building the perfect stadium for your favorite sport. Create a vast array of Stadium design possibilities for your favorite teams at home and around the world.

The scale model kit comes with 5 design templates and instructions for each variation. You can build everything from open-air and enclosed and semi-enclosed stadiums of your very own dream Basketball or Tennis arena!! Even build an interactive stadium where you can also slot in your cell phone and truly bring your stadium to life with 2D animations available via or by watching live action sporting events and playing your favorite sports games.

Sports Volume 2 includes Curved Outer Wall components to enable a smooth, modern finish typical of many contemporary stadium designs.

All Arckit model building kits are gender neutral, support steam and steam learning

His architectural model building kit comes with:

235+ pieces
” Field Type” cards to change the look of the field. The cards depict popular sports
Sticker pack so you can personalize your model kit for your favorite sport. Stickers include: Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics, Boxing, Balls, boxing gloves, medals, floodlights, audience, TV screen, score boards, sports crests, sports equipment and sports figures
A buildable cell phone slot so you can bring your model stadium to life!
2D animations to play on your cell phone, available via
Free access to Arckit's online texture Library for more external finishes
A high-quality reusable box to store the pieces
Comprehensive step-by-step instruction booklet with 5 different stadium designs to get you started
Package Dimensions: (60cm x 50cm x 4cm)
Recommended for Ages 10+

Can i build more than i see on the box?
Yes, lots more!!!

(Arckit is reusable, open-ended & has unlimited possibilities)

Even more reasons to buy arckit!

Features :-

Arckit is a reusable, open-ended design tool with unlimited possibilities to spontaneously explore your ideas through model building.
Think of Arckit like an instrument, the more you become familiar with it, the more proficient you become.
Arckit lets you build ‘to-scale’, professional level architectural models with speed and precision.
The sample build on the box is just to get you started. If you can imagine it, you can build it!
All Arckit products and pieces can integrate with one another.
Arckit is an invaluable tool for learning and teaching STEAM skills.
Arckit is a perfect tool for individual use or for group collaboration at home, in school, in maker spaces and for team building.
Arckit encourages ‘hands-on’ creativity and less time on your mobile device.
Arckit empowers minds through Architecture... Unleash your inner Architect with Arckit!

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