Carrera Digital 132 Great Victory Lane Slot Racing Race Car Set

Carrera Digital 132 Great Victory Lane Slot Racing Race Car Set

Includes BMW M6 GT3 'Rowe Racing', No.99 (30871) & Ford GT Race Car 'Time Twist, No.1' (30873)

Start your engines and get ready to experience the thrill of slot car racing with the top of the line premium Carrera Digital 132 Great Victory Lane slot car racetrack system! Slot car racing brings to you the look, feel, and excitement of real race car driving but with you in control behind the wheel! The Digital 132 cars have been carefully designed to look exactly like the real thing right down to the smallest of details. Soon enough your heart will be beating fast as you speed down the straightaways or drift around a tight curve to squeeze into 1st place and claim the checkered flag before your competition! All this action can be had in the comfort of your own home. The Digital 132 Great Victory Lane set features 1:32 scale cars racing on a 1:24 scale digital slot car racing track. The slot car track sets the stage for a speedy showdown of the BMW M6 GT3 “Rowe Racing No. 99” and the Ford GT Race Car “Time Twist, No.1”. With these two popular race cars, you the driver holds the key to who gets the checkered flag in this thrilling head-to-head race! Race on a course that stretches almost 24-feet and features a track crossover, curves, lane changing section, and a straightaways to provide exciting action all over the track. Only the driver with the best skills can master the track and claim victory in the end! Hours of action and fun are guaranteed. Slot car racing is an exciting group activity amongst friends and family and you too will enjoy racing over and over. The Carrera Digital 132 series allows you to race up to 6 drivers at once leaving no one out! Interchangeable track pieces allow you to configure the course layout to your preference. With a variety of available accessories, track expansion sets, and a wide selection of additional cars, this complete slot car track system can be expanded and modified for endless possibilities and more awesome racing.


BMW M6 GT3 'Rowe Racing', No.99 (30871)
Ford GT Race Car 'Time Twist, No.1' (30873)
11 x Standard Straights (20509)
8 x 1/60 Curves (20571)
1 x Control Unit (30352)
2 x Wired Controllers
1 x Double Lane Change Section
1 x 14.8 Volt Transformer
Spare Contact Brushes
Guard Rail Track
Connection Clips

Carrera Digital 132 Benefits at a Glance::
Digital 132 – the racing tack system for the whole family: Discover the detailed vehicles, the digital accessories, the wide tracks on a scale of 1:24 and the right spare parts now in the store.
Depending on the driver’s ability and skill, the speed can individually adjusted with up to 10 levels
Simple vehicle coding using the manual control unit
Vehicles can be used on Evolution
Vehicles predominantly with front light and rear/brake light function
Pace car and autonomous car function
Adjustment option for the maximum speed and braking behaviour of the vehicles
Pit stop lane as an accessory, maximum fuel tank capacity of the vehicles can be varied
Can be continually extended with Carrera track material 1:24

Track System 1:24
Experience true-to-scale driving fun in 1:24 for racing drivers from 10 years old: Up to four vehicles can line up for the race at the same time and fight for first place on this racing track system.
There are no limits to racing with the Digital 124 accessories because the digital extras provide a realistic racing feeling.
When purchasing a racing track set, tracks or vehicle it doesn’t usually end there – and with good reason: The sensational possibilities of the range for Digital 124 are overwhelming: From the driver display which displays the fuel tank contents, the number of pit stops and the current position, to the black box or ontrol unit – the junctions of the racetrack: The selection of Digital 124 accessories leaves no wishes desired for racing drivers.
Double switches, hairpin turns and the pit stop lane make driving just as much fun as decorating with edge strips or flagpoles.
The 2.4 GHz Wireless controllers should not be forgotten either for wireless control of the vehicles.
As well as the speedy accessories for the Digital 124 racing track system, there are also suitable spare parts for the vehicles on the scale of 1:24.

Digital Cars 1:32
Digital 132 cars are digitally controlled and individually codable
All Carrera Digital 132 cars can be used with Carrera Evolution
Tampo-printed, original and detailed cars
Realistic acceleration and braking action
Mainly with front light (Xenon) and rear/brake light
Sound finish of bodywork

BMW M6 GT3 'Rowe Racing', No.99 (30871)

From the road to the race track

The standard version of the BMW M6 has been modified for the GT3 series. The racing model weighs 600 kg less than the M6 in its production version. Even at its debut in 2016 as the successor to the BMW Z4 GT3, the M6 was able to win the 24-hour race of Spa-Francorchamps. Team Rowe Racing also relies on the 585 bhp BMW M6 GT3 for its performance, with drivers Eng from Austria and Blomqvist from Great Britain taking second place in the 6-hour ADAV Ruhr Cup race.

The BMW Works Team in its own racing series

The slot car comes in the original design of Rowe Racing, which changed in 2016 from Mercedes to BMW as a factory team. In the first season, the team won the 24 Hours of Spa with the new BMW M6 GT3. It doesn't have to be 24 hours on the home race track. Thanks to individual coding and digital control, the slot car on a scale of 1:32 can be perfectly adapted to your own driving skills.

Ford GT Race Car 'Time Twist, No.1' (30873)

You couldn't buy a Ford with gull-wing doors just like that
The new Ford GT was not that easy to buy. During the application process, you had to recommend yourself for the purchase. This super sports car with a monocoque and aluminium chassis catapults the selected owner up to 215 mph. The twin-turbo V6 has 656 bhp in its normal version. As a racing car it took part in several endurance races and won a class victory at Le Mans.

New technology in an old design
The latest racing cars in a classic look are no longer a rarity. This special slot car with its red and white paint finish reminds us of its legacy, the old GT 40, with which Ford won the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1967. Digital technology such as headlights, rear and brake lights or the vehicle coding for the Carrera Digital 132 race track have arrived with the slot car – despite the old colour scheme. Thanks to the original license, the model is reproduced in detail true to the original. The possibility of digital control ensures wireless racing action and rapid overtaking manoeuvres at the touch of a button.

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