Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart Slot Car Racing Race Set

Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart Slot Car Racing Race Set

Get ready to race with two of your favorite characters from the hit video game Mario Kart. Take your pick in this head-to-head duel between Mario and Yoshi and find out who has what it takes to finish in 1st place as you are in control behind the wheel. This battery-powered beginner Carrera First slot car racing track system will provide countless hours of fun for the young child in your life as you introduce them to the world of slot car racing.

Slot Car Racing

For years, slot car racing has brought the action and excitement of motorsports right into the comfort of your own home. Now you can get behind the wheel and take control as your car races around the track. Children and adults young and old can take part in this fast-paced hobby and go head-to-head for the checkered flag. The ready to race slot car set comes complete with everything you need right in the box so that you can quickly set up the track and start racing right away!

Carrera First Racetrack

Children as young as 3 years old can now grab the controls and speed around this kid-friendly, battery-powered track! Each Carrera First slot car racing set features a fun themed setting on a track built around their favorite car, movie, TV show, or video game characters. Your child will find staying on the track easy with magnets located on the bottom of the car and electronically regulated speed controllers allowing them to race non-stop in head-to-head action against their friends or family.  

Set Inculdes:

7.87-ft. Battery-Powered Race Track

This First Carrera slot car track is the perfect length for the beginning racer to start racing on. It also comes with themed decor as pictured to make your track look even more appealing.

Drive Through Spinners On The Track

Zoom through the spinners on each lap around the track sending them in motion round and round.

1:50 Scale Mario and Yoshi Slot Cars

Two Nintendo Mario Kart characters, Mario and Yoshi going head-to-head will provide the young child in your life with countless hours of racing while they build their slot car racing skills.

Speed Controllers Designed for Young Children

Two small ergonomic speed controllers are designed for little hands and are electronically regulated to prevent cars from flying off the track.  

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