Cybex Sirona S Convertible Car Seat

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 Cybex Sirona S Convertible Car Seat

The CYBEX Sirona S is the first Convertible Car Seat in the U.S. to feature an innovative 360° rotatable seat with a load leg, making switching between rear-facing and forward-facing positions quick and easy. The Sirona S load leg stabilizes the seat and can significantly reduce crash forces. These features, combined with an EasyLock bar for quick, simple and secure installation, offer advanced safety protection for children — and greater peace of mind for parents.

The sensorsafe Safety Technology

Peace Of Mind For You, Better Safety For Your Child.
Once attached to the harness system of the child car seat, the SensorSafe 4-in-1 Safety Kit can be connected to your smartphone and will alert you to critical situations such as: if your child is left unattended in the car, if temperatures in the car get too hot or cold, if the child unbuckles the clip or if they’ve been seated for too long.

Sirona S - Functions

Innovative One-Hand 360° Rotatable seat
Alllows parents to easily get their child in and out of the car seat.

Load Leg
A load leg is a structural element that is integrated into to the base of a car seat. It extends down to the vehicle floor and helps to distribute the crash forces away from the child by transferring the crash energy to the vehicle’s floor. The load leg is height adjustable so it can be perfectly suited to your vehicle.

The Sirona S load leg stabilizes the car seat and can reduce rotation in certain crashes by up to 30%

EasyLock Bar & One Time Vehicle Belt Installation
EasyLock Bar reduces force needed up to 4x for quick, simple and secure installation. Only Convertible Car Seat in North America with a one-time vehicle belt installation for both rear-facing and forward-facing mode

SensorSafe Technology
With SensorSafe, you'll gain instant insight into your child's well-being—even when your eyes are on the road. Built into the chest clip of CYBEX car seats, the SensorSafe clip connects to a vehicle receiver which sends alerts about your child's safety, right to the mobile app on your phone. It's the kind of unparalleled safety technology you've come to expect from CYBEX.

12-Position Recline
On the Go Recline, allows adjustment of up to 12 different positions even when the child is in the seat.

Linear Side Impact Protection (L.S.P.)
Linear Side Impact Protection is a feature of CYBEX car seats that absorbs impact forces of certain side impact crashes and directs these forces into the energy absorbing shell of the car seat and away from the child’s sensitive neck area. By extending the L.S.P. system on the side of your car seat facing the door, this feature takes the initial brunt of the force and helps keep your child safer in the event of a near side impact.

Car seats with L.S.P. extended see a reduction in near side impact forces on the baby by up to 25 % when compared to the same car seat without L.S.P. extended.

Anti-Rebound Design
The anti-rebound design reduces the movement of the car seat towards the rear of the vehicle (rebound) in the event of a crash, thereby contributing to a reduction in crash forces to the occupant.

Magnetic Buckle Holders
Make entry and exit from the seat a breeze.


Weight:From 4 - 65 lbs.
Age:From birth to approx. 4 years
Length:30 in
Width:19 in
Height:24 in
Weight:30.4 lbs

What is included

Sirona S Toddler Car Seat
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