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Cybex Zeno Cycling Kit - Black

Cybex Zeno Cycling Kit 

Ride smooth and safe. Convert your Zeno into a bike trailer with the Zeno Cycling Kit and set off on a road trip with your little passenger.

Product Details

To use a Cybex bike trailer you need to install a Cybex Cycling Hitch to your bike (available individually or as part of a Cybex Cycling Kit). If the rear wheel of your bicycle is attached with a thru axle you must replace this with a special Cybex Thru Axle in order to connect the Cycling Hitch.​If you need guidance in choosing the correct Cybex Thru Axle for your bike, please refer to the Thru Axle Measuring Guide in the download section.


Easy and secure connection with the Zeno Multisport Adapter Point
Rear light and flag for safety on the road

What is included?
Cycling Drawbar
Cycling Hitch
3 Spacers (0.09 - 0.24 in)
Safety Flag
Safety Rear Light
User Guide

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