Halo Twin Sleeper Double Baby Bassinet - Sand Circle

Halo Twin Sleeper Double Baby Bassinet

Sleep safely side-by-side with your twin babes. The BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Twin series is the only twin bassinet that rotates to easily bring your babies close. We’ve included two of our signature easy lowering walls, letting you seamlessly scoop your littles up for snuggles or feeds in bed. Mesh walls provide airflow, and let you view your babies at eyelevel. A mesh divider keeps each baby in their own area, but still allows them to see and comfort each other, just like in the womb.

Includes Soothing Center with nightlights, 2 vibration levels, and 4 calming sounds, all with auto-shutoff. Legs tuck under parents’ bed, requiring only 35” of clearance. Includes 2 waterproof mattresses and 4 machine-washable sheets.


Sleep next to your newborns, without bedsharing
Rotates to make to each to bring each baby close
Two easy lowering walls for snuggles and feeds in bed
Breathable, mesh walls for optimal airflow
Twins sleep side-by-side, but in separate spaces
Soothing Center with calming sounds, vibration and nightlights
Base adjusts from 24” – 34”h to fit most beds
2 storage pockets for babies’ essentials
Includes 2 waterproof mattresses and 4 fitted sheets (2 polyester, 2 100% cotton)
For twins up to 5 mo or 20 lbs.


Age & Weight Limit:
For babies up to 5 months or 20 lbs. Discontinue use when babies show signs of rolling over or pushing up on hands and knees


Fully assembled, the dimensions are:
Base: 45"x 45"
Legs: 31" each
Overall height: 36" {at lowest point}
Bed: 33.5" x 22"
Weight: 55lbs

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