Maddgear VX9 Pendulum Complete Pro Stunt Kick Scooter - Black Bronze, 21.5"

Maddgear VX9 Pendulum Complete Pro Stunt Kick Scooter

The vx9 pendulum stunt scooter is built on a solid mfx foundation with hand picked components to produce one of the most durable complete scooters on the market today! Striking that crucial balance

Between deck size, weight, balance and durability – the vx9 pendulum is the complete to take your riding to the next level at the plaza or local street spot. The vx9 pendulum is uncompromising in durability and strength that will inspire confidence to go bigger at every opportunity.

Size matters and the vx9 pendulum has you covered with deck size 21.5” l x 5” w 4.29 kg / 9.45 lbs

Internal fluting:

Mgp vx9 scooters feature internally fluted tubing in the construction of the bars as well as throughout the length of all decks. This patented process is proven to increase strength under 3 dimensional loads as well as stiffness without adding additional weight to the material.

At a glance:

Deck: Mgp 84° V2 Integrated Mgp Box Deck, 6061 Aluminum T4 & T6 Heat Treated Extrusion
With Internal Fluting / Available In 21.5” L X 5” W
Fork: Transition Threadless 6061 Aluminum 120mm Fork / Standard Ihc
Clamp: 6061 Mfx X3 Cobra Forged Aluminum Triple
Bars: Mgp T-Bar 23” W X 26” T 4031 Japanese Chromoly / Standard Diamter With Internal Fluting
Grips: 180mm Flangeless Mfx Soft Tpr Grind Grips With Nylon Bar-Ends
Wheels: 120mm Neo Cartel Aluminum Core With Mgp Proprietary Polyurethane Blend
Brake: Mfx V2 Composite Blitz
Hardware: 6mm
Weight: 21.5 X 5” – 4.29kg / 9.45lbg

Upgrade Features:

Mfx 84° headtube internally fluted deck
Transition threadless 6061 aluminum 120mm fork
Mfx 6061 aluminum x3 cobra triple clamp
23” x 26” 4031 japanese chromoly t-bar – standard diam.
180mm flangeless tpr grind grips
Mfx v2 composite blitz brake
6mm hardware


Grips : 180mm Flangeless Mfx Softtpr Grind Grips With Nylon Bar Ends
Bar : Mgp t bar 23” w x 26” t(58.4cm w x 66.0cm t) 4031japanese chromoly / std. Dia. Internal fluting
Clamp : 6061 Mfx X3 Cobra Forged aluminum Triple
Headset : Mfx Integrated & Sealed Bearing
Fork : Transition Threadless 6061alloy 120mm Fork / Standard Ihc
Wheels : 120mm Neo Cartel Aluminumcore With Mgp Proprietary polyurethane Blend
Bearings : K 3 Abec 11 Highspeed Chrome
Deck : Mfx 84° V2 Integrated Mgpbox Deck 6061 Aluminum T4& T6 Heat Treated Extrusion with Internal Fluting19.5” L X 5” Or 21.5” L X 5” W
Grip tape : Mgp Pendulum Full Deckwith Cutouts
Brake : Mfx V2 Composite Blitz
Finish : Durable Anodized Andplated Finishes

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