Mclaren Carbon Fiber Balance Bike

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Mclaren Carbon Fiber Balance Bike

Featuring a carbon fiber frame, and air filled tires on magnesium wheels. The McLaren Badge is truly on the best balance bike in the world for 2-5 year olds.


Carbon Fiber Frame
The frame on our bikes is made entirely out of carbon fiber because that gives these balance bikes the ultimate combination of weight to rigidity ratio. Making every ride an exceptional  experience.

Mclaren Senna Inspired Wheels
The 12” McLaren Senna inspired wheels are made from a lightweight magnesium alloy and covered with air filled rubber tires for a smooth ride.

Pursuit Of Quality
Made in collaboration with McLaren Automotive, these balance bikes represent the utmost in quality and innovation. The bikes bring meticulous design and innovation into your child’s world.

Form Follows Function
Seated with high quality hand stitched leather, the padded saddle delivers both comfort and quality.

Carry The Heritage True Mclaren
Every one of our Balance bike proudly wears a McLaren badge

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