Medela Breast Pump Bag

Medela Breast Pump Bag

The Medela breast pump bag was made for comfort, organization, and convenience. Designed specifically for use with your Medela breast pump, this bag will help you stay organized for pumping on the go or away from home with plenty of room for your breast pump, accessories, and pump parts.

Make your breast pump portable with a Medela Breast Pump Bag designed specifically for your Medela breast pump. Designed with you and your lifestyle in mind, this bag fits everything you need to pump with optimal organization when on the go. Medela's Breast Pump Bag works with all Medela's breast pumps.

The Medela Breast Pump Bag incorporates features:

Water-resistant microfiber material for easy cleaning
Large top opening and low bag profile make it easy to store and see everything inside
Power adaptor access port for discreet breast pump charging
Internal and external pockets  for maximum organization
Adjustable strap for comfortable wear for every body shape

Features & Benefits

Medela Authentic Spare Parts: Quality and Performance You Can Trust
Designed Specifically For Your Medela Breast Pump: Works with Sonata, Freestyle, Pump In Style Advanced Starter Set, Swing and Harmony
Water Resistant, Microfiber Material: Easy to Clean
Top Zipper Closure: For Privacy And Security
Adjustable Strap: Comfortable to Wear
Large Top Opening And Low-Bag Profile: Easy to Store And See Everything
Power adaptor access port: Discreetly Charge Your Breast Pump Between Pumping Sessions
Multiple Exterior And Interior Pockets: Provide Maximum Organization

What's Included

(1) Breast Pump Bag

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