Q Play Tech Balance Kids Bike - Black

Q Play Tech Balance Kids Bike

The Perfect Transition

The QPlay Balance Bikes are perfect for children as young as 18 months old to transition from tricycles to bicycles. The pedal-less bikes do much more than help teach your children to balance, they also provide years of fun as they glide further, and into more uneven terrain safely.

Qplay Design And Styling

Our QPlay Balance Bikes come in a lightweight build with a futuristic look that is sure to delight children. The vibrant colors add to the fun, making them a hit at every park.

The Balance Bike Advantage

The QPlay Balance Bikes fit kids much better than tricycles or training wheels, allowing them more mobility and eliminating the feet hitting pedals and back wheels, which creates a natural motion for your child.

These balance bikes are also light in weight and thus require less supervision from parents, allowing kids to feel freer and creating more enthusiasm to ride. Because of their lightweight design, these glider bikes are much better on uneven terrains than a bulkier tricycle.

Get the QPlay Balance Bike today and enjoy years of fun with your young one!

Adult supervision recommended. Not to be used in traffic. Helmet and safety gear recommended.


Folds Down Effortlessly
The Rito offers one of the easiest and most effective folding functions among convertible stroller/trikes. This trike effortlessly folds down by simply clicking on a couple of buttons and folding it down on itself. The tranforming trike then becomes small enough to pack in your car trunk or closet at home.

Reclining Back Seat
For added comfort when needed, the back seat can be reclined back and offers two positions. Adjust it as suited to create the optimal seating position for your child.

Rear Brakes
For those moments when parents need a little break on the walk, they can feel safe with the rear brakes engaged. These brakes make sure the trike stays in place even if the free wheel function is not engaged.

Free Handle Function
When engaged, the free handle function ensures that children do not effect the direction of the trike even when they are moving the handle bar around. This gives all control to the parents with the push bar.

Exceptionally Crafted To Stand Out
Not only is the Rito folding trike one of the best functioning trikes available, it is also made with high quality material such as the metal frame, and inflatable rubber tires that give it a unique upscale look.

Take It With You
The unique design of the Rito trikes make them extremely portable. Take these trikes with you on planes, trains, and busses without hassle. Simply fold them down and carry them with the parent push handle.

The Trike That Grows With Your Child

Stage 1: 12 months and up
Toddler footrest deployed for kids with legs that aren't long long enough to reach the peddals

Stage 2: 24 months and up
Toddler footrests romoved with free wheel and free handle bar clutch engaged to ensure the parent retains control

Stage 3: 48 months and up
Back rest and parent handle removed for kids that can take control of the trike on their own

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