SmarTrike Classic Swirl 4 in 1 Kids Tricycle Trike 15 to 36 Months Blue Red

SmarTrike Classic Swirl 4 in 1 Kids Tricycle Trike 15 to 36 Months Blue Red

With a smart trike 4 in 1 toddler tricycle, you're not only getting your kid a nice, comfy ride. You're also getting them a toy that transitions into a fully-fledged trike by the end. They'll love it!

It's a growing kids trike!

Perfect for kids ages 15 to 36 months, this long-lasting children tricycle is fun for years to come. Pass it down among siblings and you've got yourself a toy that lasts for generations.

4 Grow with me stages

 Stage 1 (15M+): Comfort & Fun Your baby enjoys a secure and comfortable ride seated upright, with feet resting on the foldable toddler footrest
Stage 2 (18M+): Develops valuable skills The seat converts while parents push and control the trike. Baby enjoys the ride while developing confidence. balance & motor skills 4 Grow with me stages
Stage 3 (24M+): Teaches pedaling The push trike becomes a training tricycle. Switch the Control button on the front wheel mudguard over to child control so kids can learn to pedal and steerStage 4 (30-36M+): Supports independence Remove the parent handle and let your toddler pedal happily on their own


Effortless touch Steering
Just touch the parent handle and the trike intuitively moves in the direction you want to go.

The Parent Control Button
Decide in an instant who's in control of the trike; simply press the red button on the front wheel mudguard and twist the wheel 180° to switch between parent and child control.

2-Stage Training Pedals
Allow your toddler to practice pedalling while you remain in control of the trike. When they are ready, engage the 2nd stage and watch them pedal independently

Front Wheel Shock Absorber
No bumps on the road for your little adventurer. smarTrike tricycles come equipped with front wheel shock absorbers to ensure a smooth ride for all ages.

Storage Space
With a large storage bag, parent essentials console and toy basket, this tricycle can hold everything you and your toddler need while strolling

Safety Features
The 3-point harness and safety bar ensure your baby stays securely seated while you are on-the-move.


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