SmarTrike STR5 Kids Compact Folding Stroller Trike Grey

SmarTrike STR5 Kids Compact Folding Stroller Trike Grey

The ever-convenient STR5 grows with your child in 3 stages, from a baby-safe stroller trike to an independent toddler tricycle. Our modular design allows your child to develop the motor skills, confidence, and balance needed for their independent riding.

Patented Touch Steering

smarTrike’s patented touch steering technology is designed to provide parents with a comfortable and effortless steering experience, allowing you to guide your toddler with the slightest touch.

Shock Absorber

The shock-absorbing mechanism built into the STR series provides a safe, smooth, and seamless riding experience across rough terrains that you and your little ones will surely enjoy.


Your child’s safety is our top priority, which is why our STR series is stroller certified and includes safety features throughout all the product stages such as a 5-point harness, safety bar, and rear locking system.

Take it anywhere!

Fold your STR into a compact little bundle for easy and convenient travel, no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Take it anywhere!

The STR5 conveniently folds up into a compact bundle for easy storage or travel.

Grow as you go

9+ Months So young, yet so aware! The STR5 was designed to provide your child with early opportunities to engage with their environment. With the STR5’s adjustable reclining seat and footrest, your child can independently sit up and enjoy the world around them from the young age of 9 months.
24+ Months As your toddler starts to explore their independence, introducing pedaling will give them a huge developmental boost. Practice mode pedaling allows you to decide who is in control at any given time and is perfect for encouraging the development of navigation and steering skills.
30+ Months Now that your child can climb onto their tricycle, pedal, and steer on their own, it's time for some independent exploration and fun! Let them enjoy the world around them with the STR5’s independent ride mode.
Take it anywhere! The STR5 conveniently folds up into a compact bundle for easy storage or travel.


Touch steering technology 
Multiple configurations
Stroller safety certification
Parent/child control mode
Adjustable reclining plush seat
Baby footrest


Length: 102
Height: 96
Product: STR5
Age Range: 9-36 Months
Product model STR5
Age 9m+


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