Winning Solutions Monopoly California Dreaming Edition Board Game

Winning Solutions Monopoly California Dreaming Edition Board Game

Play monopoly with style! Artist Kathleen Keifer has spun her magic to create perhaps the most hip edition of Monopoly yet. This edition captures the essence of “California Cool” as you enjoy her colorful artwork traveling across the Pacific Coast Highway along Route 66 to Sunset Boulevard. The beautiful canvas wraps around a solid box cover, which can be lifted off to reveal the custom game components designed by Keifer, including an iconic Surf Wagon token!


Beautiful canvas-wrapped gameboard complete with integrated storage
Plated die-cast MONOPOLY tokens, including a custom Surf Wagon token
Custom-designed Chance, Tip Jar, and Title Deed cards
Wooden Houses and Hotels
Custom-designed MONOPOLY money
Wooden banker’s tray
2 dice


Ages 8+
Number of Players 2 - 6 Players
Product Dimensions 20.5" x 20.5" x 3.75"

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