Winning Solutions Monopoly Tempered Glass Edition Board Game

Winning Solutions Monopoly Tempered Glass Edition Board Game

This stunning glass Monopoly edition will be a striking centerpiece for any room! This edition features the colorful and iconic Monopoly game art printed on beautiful tempered glass. This edition includes a component storage box with all of the Monopoly game components, including translucent houses and hotels and custom cards and money, to allow you to enjoy this classic game in style!


Beautiful tempered glass gameboard
4 Acrylic Feet
Component Storage Box with Banker's Tray
Translucent Houses and Hotels
Custom Chance, Community Chest, Title Deed Cards, and Money
8 Zinc Diecast Movers, 2 Dice, Rules


Ages: 8+
Number of Players:2 - 6 Players
Product Dimensions:16" x 16" x 1"

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